Eric Postma

Eric is a convert from the all-too-common agnosticism that plagues America today, thanks in large part to many a late night argument with his younger brother who had converted a few years before. Now, Eric is a freelance editor and writer who has worked on material in nearly every genre from biography, to crime thrillers, to YA Christian romance, with much of his current work touching on the paranormal and horror genres. In between editing work, his full-time job at a nuclear plant, and raising his six kids, Eric teaches confirmation classes at his parish and enjoys reading works in horror and nearly every other genre. If you have a horror book that is heavy on philosophy and theology, or one that is just an entertaining read that lightly touches and on deeper themes, he would love to read it. If you have a novel, short story, or other work that needs a beta-reader or an editor, feel free to contact him.

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