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These are our ad spots and prices for the website.

Each price is for 5 weeks.

You will be responsible for providing us with the ad images & links.

Current website traffic reports available upon request.

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Newsletter Ad $60



Header Ad $50

On Home Page


Sub Header Ad $40  on Home Page
2nd Page Ad $40 On a review page
All Four Ads Package $120 (save $70)
Newsletter Ad + 1 Website Ad Package $80 (save $30)
Any 2 Website Ads Package $70

(save $20)



The above image represents the diminsions of the weekly newsletter ad. It is the standard square diminsions of an Instagram post. If you are using canva this is a preset size option.

This image represents the dimensions of the ad spaces on our front home page. They are refered to as the Header & Subheader ad spots in the above pricing chart. You can download this image and upload it to canva to make your own ad on top of it according to these dimensions.

The above image represents the 2nd page ad, also called a sidebar ad. It appears on individual book review pages. (You can download this image and upload it to canva to make your own ad image on top of it.)

Other sites assess books based on customer reviews, awards and even the book cover but we are the only ones to actually crack the spine.

This means that no matter a book's publishing type or level of the author's personal fame, we give every story a chance based on its own merits.

Our staff are highly educated in both theology and literary analysis to best decipher a story's meaning. Although no assessment of art is completely without bias this is more training than even many bishops who are educated in theology but whose background might not have given them the tools to analyze literature, especially fiction & genre specific symbolism.

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