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We are readers who got fed up with how hard is to find good Catholic fiction that features authentic  Church teaching, themes, and characters. When we did manage to find a good story it was usually something written fifty years ago or in a genre that wasn’t always our favorite.

But we love books and we love reading. So we kept searching.

And we found dozens of hidden worlds, indie authors, small presses, and magazines. Despite the lack of advertising, imagination and art are alive and well in our parishes. We started Catholic Reads with the aim of putting authentic Catholic fiction into people’s hands. We want our nation and our world to have the chance to see what the Church’s imagination has to offer.

We decided we could do more to change things than just write and advertise our own stories. We started this company because we loved reading and we wanted to put some of the amazing books we found into the hands of hungry readers. Together we started Catholic Reads.

Now we help both Catholic authors and readers through two ways:

1. Our Library of Reviews
Each week we will publish a review of a book written by a Catholic or that explores themes in common with Catholicism.

  • We will clearly list the themes explored and whether or not the author is openly Catholic. This way readers looking for books exploring specific themes will be able to find them using our tag cloud on the right-hand sidebar.
  • Because we are independent we will be able to review books from multiple Catholic presses.
  • Indie Authors can gain credibility with readers who know we will vet every ebook for quality and an accurate portrayal of the Catholic faith.
  • You can find new books under the Reviews tab, sorted according to the genre.

2. Our Email Blast of the BEST Catholic Book Deals
Subscribers will receive a weekly email alerting them to sales on the books we review.

  • Readers on a budget can grow their own Catholic library
  • Catholic authors get a chance to find new readers.

3. Our Podcast

Full of reviews, interviews and discussions to fulfill the biggest book nerd’s heart.

We are providing these services for free so please be sure to share, subscribe and follow, as our only form of advertising at this time is word of mouth. Anyone interested in sponsoring us can contact us through our Contact Us page.

If you are a reader with a book recommendation for us please send it to us through our “Contact Us” page.
Authors interested in finding out how to get their books reviewed or on the email list can find our submission guidelines on the “Submission” page.

I cannot wait to help you find your next adventure and see where Catholic Reads will take us all. I hope that together, authors and readers can turn the page on the current state of religious publishing, and usher in a new Golden Age of Catholic fiction.

Your Editor in Chief,
A.R.K. Watson

Please keep in mind that the thoughts and opinions expressed on this website are not necessarily those of the Catholic Church. We are a team of practicing Catholics trying to do our best but the best resource for understanding Catholic doctrine is still the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Who We Are

M.S. Ocampo

M.S. Ocampo is a writer of New Adult novels that range from romantic comedy to urban fantasy/horror. She also writes poetry and does freelance writing. She’s a cradle Catholic and went to Catholic school in childhood and in college. She loves reading all kinds of books, as long as the stories are character-driven. When she’s not reading or writing, she’s knitting and obsessing over superheroes. Her favorite movie is The Princess Bride and anyone who disagrees with that will be regarded as “Inconceivable!”

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Eric Postma

Eric is a convert from the all-too-common agnosticism that plagues America today, thanks in large part to many a late night argument with his younger brother who had converted a few years before. Now, Eric is a freelance editor and writer who has worked on material in nearly every genre from biography, to crime thrillers, to YA Christian romance, with much of his current work touching on the paranormal and horror genres. In between editing work, his full-time job at a nuclear plant, and raising his six kids, Eric teaches confirmation classes at his parish and enjoys reading works in horror and nearly every other genre. If you have a horror book that is heavy on philosophy and theology, or one that is just an entertaining read that lightly touches and on deeper themes, he would love to read it. If you have a novel, short story, or other work that needs a beta-reader or an editor, feel free to contact him.

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 Courtney Guest Kim

Courtney has a few unpublished masterpieces in various stages of completion waiting for her four children to grow up so she can do something respectable, like getting paid for her work.  At age five after watching a Billy Graham crusade on TV, she dialed the number on the screen and has been a Christian ever since.  She was baptized into the Church of Scotland when growing up in Paris, France.  Then after lots of adventures, she moved back to Houston, Texas and joined the Catholic Church.

She graduated with honors in the humanities from Stanford University (Class of ’92).  Then, after four dark years in a Ph.D. program in comparative literature at Rutgers, she faced a choice between her faith and an academic career.  The sort of people who are now throwing families with five children onto the street for declining to bake a cake were already ensconced in the Academy.  She chose exile, motherhood, a job in New York and twenty years of comparing literature on her own.

On July 11, 2017, Feast of St. Benedict, she launched a blog called The Domestic Hermit.  It offers a series of reflections on The Rule of St. Benedict, with a personal focus on character formation in the home.  She connected with Catholic Reads after a friend told her about hearing A.R.K. Watson interviewed in a podcast.  Now she’s taking on the Christian Classics challenge and hopes to share all the best of literature in English with anyone who loves truth, eloquence, wit and good sense.

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Or check out her literary romance book: How Sweet The Sound


A.R.K. Watson

Watson is as science fiction author and a convert to Catholicism from the Church of Christ. In between teaching R.C.I.A. classes Watson typically reviews science fiction and mystery novels where she obsesses over robots, strange aliens and anything related to cyborgs or questions about the nature of humans and souls. As for non-Catholic books, anything that compares Catholic Theology of the Body ethics with another worldview would be fascinating. Also, a space haj or other various comparative pilgrimages would be fantastic! Basically, if you have big ideas or philosophy in your fiction she’ll probably want to read it.

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Tiffany Buck

Tiffany Buck’s poems have appeared in various journals. She is a cradle Catholic and a product of Catholic schools. She loves fairy tales and often incorporates them into her poetry. Currently, she’s in a book club, Well Read Mom, that encourages mothers to read more classic literature. A few of her favorite authors are Jane Austen, Flannery O’Connor, and Anton Chekov. 

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Mary J. Woods

Mary Woods is a Ruthenian Byzantine Catholic and a seeker of adventure, both the real-life and the fictional varieties. After discovering a love of the classical Great Books curriculum, she chose to attend Wyoming Catholic College. There, when she wasn’t immersing herself in the integrated study of poetry, philosophy, and theology, she rode horses, rappelled off cliffs, and backpacked deep in the Rocky Mountain wilderness. All of this experience she considers relevant to her writing. She loves tales of deep beauty and high danger, stories where the extraordinary breaks through the ordinary, stirring the most fundamental desires of the human soul. For her undergraduate thesis she studied the relationship between God’s creative power and the artistic skills of the fiction writer. She has written fantasy, historical fiction, and is currently venturing into the perilous realm of science fiction. She works as a freelance editor.

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