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Angels, abuse, hardships, death, family, hope


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Tiffany Buck

Sometimes it is the small ones in the world that God gives the big tasks to. Carla Kay Landon is a homeless and orphaned child, but to the spiritual world she is a Quiet Light; “one who can infiltrate with courage and perform without detection.” Like many honors, this title comes with a price of hardship that must be endured so a mission can be accomplished. But God never sends anyone out alone. Like all of us, Carla has a guardian angel guiding her through perils.

The guardian angels in Snares of the Nether World, are not just along for the ride helping their assigned person dodge mishaps or peril, they are beings created by God who love their “children.” There is deep sense of devotion the angels have for those in their care. In this novel the angels whisper to their children, and the children respond through action, not conversation. The angel’s whisper is that voice telling us where to go, or a warning of danger and possible pain. What I found most intriguing in this novel is the dialogue between the angels, as they discuss their children among themselves.

In the summer of 1945, at the tender age of twelve, Carla Kay Landon is forced to leave her family’s farm after an Influenza pandemic cause the death of her parents and siblings. Fearful she will be sent to a sanatorium, she drives herself in the family truck to Texas. There she meets Ruben, a kind illegal Mexican immigrant who acts as a surrogate father to her.

Aside from Ruben, Carla grabs the attention of Andy, a kind police officer. At first she is a little frightened of Andy, fearing he will send her to the sanatorium or an orphanage. Eventually, she learns to trust him. Andy introduces her to his wife Julie, a sick woman with great humor and wisdom. Soon, Andy, Julie, and Carla form a tight bond and begin to act like a family. While staying with Andy and Julie, Carla’s angel whispers to her that Ruben is in danger. He did not come back from his job like he said he would. Knowing she must find her friend, Carla goes out alone to find Ruben. She is armed with her guardian angel’s guidance on what to do and how to reach Ruben who is crying out for mercy.

I love angels, and this novel had me thinking more about my guardian angel. While reading this book, I found myself looking for a sign or guidance from my angel. Snares of the Nether World offers a glimpse of what the spiritual world might look like. Mary C. Jones writes the angels as fully realized characters who care deeply for those they are guiding in this world. The novel shifts narratives from humans to angels effortlessly. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has any interest in angels.

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