Happy Advent! Looking for a seasonal story to curl up by the fire with  AND integrate your the Advent season in your life? There is something here for just about everyone

The Light of Christmas Morning by Susan Joy Bellavance, Illustrated by Anne Kissanne Engelhart

The best and most important gift we receive at Christmas is the infant Jesus, the true light of the world who refreshes hearts, revives souls, and restores hope.

The Light of Christmas Morning shares a heartwarming family tradition that honors the divine gift of the Savior — before the other gifts around the Christmas tree are opened. Filled with beautiful original artwork, this book celebrates family faith and holiday traditions while always keeping Christ Jesus at the center and capturing the tenderness and warmth of the home we long for at Christmas.

Sure to become a family favorite, this story will touch hearts, minds, and souls with the authentic embrace of Christmas.

From Afar by Roger Thomas

The Magi, or Three Kings, of the Nativity story are among the best loved yet most mysterious figures in all history. The fleeting and sparse account in St. Matthew’s Gospel raises as many questions as it answers. It has been so embroidered over the centuries that the original historical context has been almost completely buried. Yet the world of the early first century was as dynamic and intriguing as any legend – and much more perilous.

A Truly Clawful Christmas by Corinna Turner

If young city-priest Father Benedict can’t find more volunteers for his Christmas Bazaar, he’ll have to cancel it. But an unexpected appeal from his bishop leaves him facing a very different Christmas. Suddenly, complaints from disappointed parishioners are the least of his worries. His new priority—survival!

From the Carnegie Medal Nominated author of the I AM MARGARET series, this thrilling unSPARKed short story provides a pulse-pounding introduction to the series.

Beware: this series’ vivid descriptions, heart-pounding drama, and fabulous characters are sure to lure you in, as well.
LESLEA WAHL, author of the Blindside series

Gifts Visible & Invisible

Gifts Visible and Invisible

A collection of short stories by eight CatholicTeenBooks.com authors.

THE OUTLAWS’ FRIEND: Setting out in a raging blizzard with nothing but an outlaw’s trunk and a heart clenched with dread, Barney leaves the warmth of his family for the cold unknown. Will he find the courage to obey the command?

IN THE STEPS OF A SAINT: What could an ancient Christmas carol possibly have to do with Andrew’s life? He’s about to find out!

A PERFECT CHRISTMAS: No tree, no cookies, no gifts. Not a single flake of snow. With sick siblings, Dad stranded, and Mom overwhelmed, will Christmas come at all to Marigold’s topsy-turvy home?

OPERATION GIFT DROP: In a dystopian future, Bolcan wants to prove his skills as a rescuer but this is a crazy mission: deliver gifts to Aldonians by stealth and at risk of capture.

CHRISTMAS ANGEL: Meg’s unforgettable Advent journey begins when four simple words challenge her idea of a perfect Christmas.

SIGNS OF CHRISTMAS: Christmas without her friend Sal isn’t the same, but Antonina finds a new friend whose circumstances have her rethinking the value of a gift.

JUST JESUS: Christmas had always made sense to Vanessa, until her yuletide festivities are called into question by a new kid named Luke and a mysterious wood carving.

A VERY JURASSIC CHRISTMAS EVE: Joshua’s perfect Christmas Eve is upended by the plight of a starving mamma dino and her babies. Meanwhile, Darryl and her family risk their lives for a holiday guest in the perilous, raptor-infested mountains.

Christmas Spirits by Karina Fabian : A Dragon P.I. Novella

Sister Grace, a mage of the Faerie Church, has joined Vern in his detective agency, and he couldn’t be a happier dragon…except for the fact that a commercial investment company is trying to buy out their home to build a mall, leaving them homeless by the new year. Merry Christmas to them.

But when the Ghosts of Christmas start visiting the company’s CEO, Vern and Grace have to put aside their feelings and solve the mystery – before the Spirits of Christmas haunt him to death.

Tortured Soul by Theresa Linden

Charles Dickens understood that ghost stories make oddly good Christmas stories.  Beginning on All Souls Day and ending on Christ the King– this ghost story creates a through-line that shows how each of the major holidays are connected and build upon one another in the Catholic tradition. The ghost-story part is inspired by the experiences of a real-life Catholic saint and the Church’s teachings on Purgatory. It’s also just a really fun mystery story.

A single woman thrown out of her family home. A terrifying specter that only she sees. A dark connection between his past and hers…
After her father’s tragic death and her mother’s more recent passing, loss leaves an emptiness she can’t fill. But now thirty-two-year-old Jeannie Lyons must leave her family home, the one place that lets her keep alive the memory of her parents. She moves into an old house on the edge of town, one too big for just her and her three-legged cat, but she soon gets the impression she’s not alone. Her brother thinks she has an overactive imagination. Her sister-in-law thinks she needs counseling. The man her brother’s been trying to set her up with is the only one who seems to believe her, but can she trust him? Having nowhere else to turn, she must face her inner demons and confront this soul from beyond the grave…
Set in modern times, this supernatural thriller is loosely based on the apparitions to Eugenie von der Leyen (1867-1929).

A Very Jurassic Christmas by Corinna Turner


Young hunter Joshua is looking forward to a Christmas of ice-skating and fun—until the plight of a starving mamma allosaur and her chicks upends his plans. Now he and his uncle must embark on a dangerous journey south, carrying deadly passengers.

Out in the wilderness, there’s no one to help them, they’re running out of tranquilizers—and a killer storm is gathering.

Meanwhile, Darryl and Harry risk their lives for a holiday guest in the perilous, raptor-infested mountains. Will they survive long enough to enjoy their carol service, let alone the rest of the holiday season?

This unSPARKed prequel is a heart-warming, festive thrill ride from the Carnegie Medal Nominated author of the I AM MARGARET series.

Ornamental Graces by Carolyn Astfalk

After his duplicitous girlfriend left, Dan Malone spent six months in a tailspin of despair and destruction: emotional, physical, and spiritual. Just when his life seems to be back on track, he meets Emily Kowalski, younger sister of his new best friend.

Emily’s the kind of girl he’d always dreamed of—sweet, smart, and sincere. But he’s made a mess of his life and ruined his chances for earning the love and trust of a woman like her.

Could Dan be the man Emily’s been waiting for? How could he be when every time they get close he pulls away? And will he ever be free from his shady past and the ex-girlfriend who refuses to stay there?An inspirational Christmas romance that spans every season.

A contemporary Catholic Christian Christmas romance set in Pittsburgh that spans every season.

The Gift Counselor by Sheila M. Cronin

Meet Jonquil Bloom who helps people choose good gifts, her ten-year-old son who wants a dog she won’t let him have, and the man who enters and changes their lives. A timeless mix of family drama, romance, spiritual and psychological insights ~ wrapped up in humor. Set in Southern California in the late 90’s, this story will warm your heart all year long. Suitable for young adult readers. Book club recommended

Do Carpenter’s Dream of Wooden Sheep? by Corinna Turner


Razim’s staying overnight to help his friend Daniel, who’s sick with leukaemia, but he’s forgotten his phone! Lying awake after watching Blade Runner, Razim reads the only story he can find—about Joseph and Mary—only to fall asleep and find himself in futuristic Merillia.

In Merillia, his name is Cleopas, and his big brother, Jo, is considering an arranged marriage to a girl called Miryam. Soon, events are in motion that will change their lives—and the world—forever.

For anyone who feels over-familiar with the story of St. Joseph and the Holy Family after Christmas after Christmas of nativity plays, this imaginative re-telling thoroughly blows the dust off.

A standalone spin-off from Corinna Turner’s ‘Friends in High Places’ series, it can be read on its own or in between books 1 and 2.