Reviewed by Barbara Kudwa

Would you like to begin a journey that will change your life? Consecration to St. Joseph is changing my world by way of receiving answers to questions in my marriage that I’ve struggled with for years. Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC unveils the wonders of our spiritual father like I have never imagined. Fr. Calloway MIC allows you to expand your prayer life, love, and knowledge of St. Joseph by emulating a 33-day preparation method employed by St. Louis de Montfort in his Marian consecration.

  • Genre:  Non-fiction
  • Author’s Worldview:  Catholic
  • Year Published:  2020
  • Audience: Christian, Adult, Family, Prayer Group, Parish, Diocese
  • Themes: 33-day Consecration to St. Joseph, 10 Wonders of our spiritual father, Prayers to St. Joseph, Marriage and Family protected by spiritual fatherhood, re-evangelize, Christian roots, St. Joseph the Worker, Universal Patron of the Church and the Terror of Demons, One Heart made of Jesus, Mary and St. Joseph

God has given divine indications that He wants us to pay more attention to St. Joseph. Twenty remarkable events took place over the last 150 years that show St. Joseph’s increasing importance to the life of the Church. For example, in 1868 St. Joseph was declared the Patron of the Universal Church. In 1917, during the last apparition at Fatima, St. Joseph appears holding the Child Jesus and blessing the world.  In 2013 Pope Francis inserted St. Joseph into all Eucharistic Prayers and consecrated Vatican City State to St. Joseph. Among his many titles are, “Head of the Holy Family” and “Terror of Demons”. To combat Satan’s deceptions, the Church needs St. Joseph who can help protect and lead us in marriage and family. How well do you know our spiritual father, St. Joseph the worker?

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Father Calloway, MIC, is the vicar provincial and vocation director for the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Mercy Province of the Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception, as well as the author of numerous bestseller books. Some favorites are Champions of the Rosary: The history and Heroes of a Spiritual Weapon and No Turning Back: A Witness to Mercy.

Now is the time to consecrate yourself to St. Joseph, protector of Our Lord and Blessed Mother. Author Fr. Calloway is calling all Christians to re-evangelize and allow St. Joseph onto the battlefield to defend marriage and family, elevate morals, recover lost ground, and win souls for Jesus Christ. God desires all of us to be committed to the love and care of a mother and father. Joseph is our spiritual father and Mary is our spiritual mother. You can absolutely consecrate yourself to both of them.

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Motivating, extremely educational, and is filled with everything your heart and mind will need to complete the 33-day program of consecration to St. Joseph, along with information on the 10 wonders, beautiful prayers and devotions to St. Joseph. Consecration To St. Joseph by Fr. Calloway, MIC will be a life-changing gift for a Parish, Christian educator, prayer group, book club, family or friend. Enjoy!