Reviewed by Barbara Kudwa

Dan Gallagher’s book, The Secrets of Successful Financial Planning, is an in-depth financial planning book with six topics that connect to each other. There is financial positioning, risk management, accumulation planning, income tax management, retirement planning and estate planning. Gallagher encourages us to pick a trustworthy professional in each category to form a unique plan designed just for us. I personally like the added touch of Gallagher’s true-life tales of client tragedy and triumph, which helps the reader learn from other perspectives.

  • Genre:  Non-fiction
  • Author’s Worldview:  Catholic
  • Year Published:  2018
  • Audience: Investors, Adult, Catholic, Christian, Atheist, and Agnostic
  • Themes: Finance, Investing, Educational, Estate Planning, Retirement Planning, Income Tax Management, Accumulation Planning, Risk Management, Financial Management, Financial Strategies, Financial Theories, Financial Advice

With over three decades of experience in financial planning, Dan Gallagher MBA (master of business administration), CLU (specializes in life insurance and estate planning), ChFC (chartered financial consultant), CFP (certified financial planner), lends a hand in writing a very detailed book of his advice on financial topics you may or may not be aware of. If you are not familiar with financial terminology, there is a description and an extensive index to help guide you. If the book seems filled with more information than you want to read about, Gallagher cautions the reader not to skip any chapters and to look at their whole financial picture.

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This book is filled with too many strategies and tips to comprehend in one sitting. Compare it to learning a new language, very attainable but you need help and time. Once you uncover Dan’s Secrets of Success, discuss them with your professionals, as everyone situation is different. Many of the author’s strategies specify certain conditions that will help you or your professional to determine whether the strategy may or may not work for you.

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Understanding the conditions that come upon your investments will help you become a more confident investor. Uncover what is most important to you regarding your money. Stewardship, moral use of money, protection from adversity, and decisions that affect others, are some of Dan’s insight, stating, “Where the heart is, there will your treasure be.”  Gallagher sincerely hopes that we will all be good stewards of our money while planning our future goals.