We Find Readers for Your Book:

 We are a book-discovery service to help Catholic readers find new books and authors to love and champion.

Now, in addition to promoting your book through reviews & flash sales, we can help you reach your audience through:

Run a Giveaway Drawing with your book featured


    1. You must provide a minimum of 3 prizes.
    2. One of the prizes must be MORE than just a signed copy of your book. You can include bookmarks, well printed fan art, T-shirts, pins, sneak peaks, exclusive writer advice with you the author etc. Get creative. You can search for what other authors include in their giveaways for inspiration.
    3. You can also team up with other authors to provide a prize bundle of multiple books or include multiple books from your backlog as a prize bundle.
    4. We can assist in teaming you up with other authors for a giveaway prize bundle or you can reach out to your own network.
    5. You must have had a review of said book published by CatholicReads.com OR the book must have an Imprimatur/ Nil Obstat OR the book must have been awarded a Seal of Approval from the Catholic Writers Guild

Once your book has a review on our website you can run as many giveaway drawings throughout the year as you wish– completely free of charge. (same goes for flash sales)

To schedule a Giveaway drawing

1. email us a description of the number and content of prices offered.

2. Let us know the desired dates of the giveaway

3. Attach images of the prizes OR request our aid in designing one

4. include in email any other desired actions for the readers to take to enter the drawing, such as liking or following your social media or subscribing to your author newsletter.

5. Sit back, watch us do the work.

6. Receive our list of the winners at the end of the giveaway & mail the winners their prizes. 

Announce your new books to Catholic Readers

Got a new book coming out but don’t want to wait until our editors are available to review it? We post a “New Releases” post like this page here every other month.

These posts are advertised through our social media and facebook.


1. be appropriate for a Catholic audience
2. have been released (or about to be released) within 6 months of the release post list: [Jan/Feb] [Mar/April] [May/June] [July/Aug] [Sept/Oct] [Nov/Dec.]
3.Re-releases & new editions of books are ONLY eligible if the original printing was not featured in a prior New Releases post.
4. If your book hasn’t been featured in a new releases post within the last 6 months. (ie no repeats)

To reserve your book’s spot in one of these posts email us with the following information:

1. Book Title (and series title if applicable)

2. Book blurb

3. One link for where people can buy the book. It can be a link-tree link

4. Attach the jpg file of the bookcover to the email AFTER you have compressed it. (You can use this free resource to do so if needed)

5. The release date

Once we have received your email you will be sent a Paypal invoice for the $5 fee for inclusion (priests and religious exempted). 

Please note that this invoice will appear under our official company name: Prisoner 16770 (we are named after the number St. Maximilian Kolbe was given in his internment at the Auschwitz Concentration Camp.)

Bundle Submission Pricing:

For every five books submitted by one author or publisher: $20