There is a misconception among many in the Catholic publishing industry that fiction is a hard sell to the Catholic audience. But that belief is being challenged by the voice of the people. Even among the staff here we were surprised that Horror of all Genres would be our number two most popular genre! Or that while in the secular world women are miles ahead of men in reading and book buying– among Catholics we are actually seeing slightly more male readers than female!

We don’t know the reasons behind all the results we are seeing here but regardless it is encouraging to see so many people hungry for good stories in the Catholic world. We collected this data through a year’s worth of traffic on our Facebook and Google Analytics account. When a reader clicks on our menu and clicks on a genre designation that click counts as a traffic point towards that genre. There is some overlap that could be affecting our numbers of course. For example, when a reader clicks on a book that is categorized both in the Young Adult and Horror category that click counts as one traffic point to both genres, but cross-genre books can’t explain everything in these numbers. Regardless it is encouraging to think about what the future might be for Catholic literature!