Children’s Literature


Ages 0-4

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Christian, Denomination Undisclosed

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Blessings, Celebration, Joy, Gratitude, The Psalms, Scripture


Reviewed by

Theresa Frodin

Linsey Davis has created a delightful children’s poetic tale inspired by the Psalm: “This is the day the Lord has made.” The story begins as a young brother, sister, and their dog joyfully look out their living room window and admire all the beauty that they see. They eventually venture out into their backyard and notice that “even the rocks would sing if they could.”  Later that day they go to the zoo and celebrate all the animals, including that “grumpy old bear who is just trying to sleep.” (This is my three-year old son’s favorite part.) The evening approaches, and they go to a farmer’s market, picking out their dinner feast. Later, they thank the Lord for even the brussels sprouts and peas. And then after supper, they thank the Lord for their food again. The book concludes with the two children falling asleep in the comfort of God’s love.

This book is one of my family’s favorites. Each page is wonderfully illustrated by Lucy Fleming, who through butterflies and dancing animals – especially a rhinoceros and a crocodile – has captured the imagination of the young readers in my household. They have become more aware of the natural world around them, and they look for gifts from God. As a mother, I appreciate that the book inspires in kids the practice of gratitude. I also appreciate the gentle reminder to remember the after-meal prayer, something that I forget to do. 

This book has an uncomplicated Christian message of joy. For an older child, the message might be too simplistic. They might question whether the characters would still be so joyous, if real trials were presented.  However, the simplicity is perfect for ages four and younger.  I highly recommend this book.  It is an enjoyable read.

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