We Are Hiring!

Are you a new author or editor looking to build a platform of dedicated readers who know your name and trust you as a good source for finding books?

Catholic Reads is the Place for You!

We are currently looking for editors interested in Poetry,  Historical Fiction, &/or Catholic Literary Classics

Working with Catholic Reads, you will be the marketing team for dozens of Catholic authors. If you love books and you love to spread your obsession around you’ll love working here.

If you are an author or aspiring author yourself, this job will help you gain a following of dedicated readers interested in the books and genres you are interested in writing in. It will also put you in touch with some of the most talented authors and publishers in the Catholic Community.

Catholic Reads is a small startup business dedicated to the welfare of the literary culture in the Catholic Church.

Position Location: online; anywhere with reliable internet service.

Job Responsibilities Include:

  1. Write 1 book review a month
  2. Contact the author of that book to add him/her to our newsletter
  3. Manage 1 Social Media platform for Catholic Reads with a minimum of 4 posts a month.
  4. Edit 2 articles a month

The ideal applicant will have a history meeting deadlines, and working with an online long distance team, as well as a thorough knowledge of Catholic doctrine. Part of the job is vetting books for orthodoxy. 

  • Each team member will commit to publishing a review once a month. This will mean that given that there are 4 of us we should be able to come out with new content every week of the month.
  • For every review written that team member will contact the author, let them know we are publishing a positive review and ask them to let us know when their book is on sale so that we can let our subscribers know as well.
  • Each team member will commit to editing at least 2 articles a month. Once an article is written I would like at least 2 people to read over and edit it before we publish in order to ensure our website is associated with quality.
  • Minimum article length will be 300 words. Maximum article length will be 1500 words.  The only exception to the maximum word count will be literary analysis articles, with a maximum word count of 3000. It’s an age of short attention spans and we care more about quality than word count.
  • Social Media
    • Each team member will be responsible for maintaining 1 social media site of their choosing.
    • All articles published on the website should be promoted on each social media website within a week of that article being published. But the frequency and scheduling of the posts will be left to the individual team member’s judgment. The minimum is 4 posts a month.
    • Applicants with experience in either Podcasting or YouTube are preferred 

Interested applicants should email their resume, cover letter, and contact information to A.R.K. Watson at readcatholic@gmail.com